Why to Choose RPLM ?

Academic Guidance:

Our well qualified faculty team acts as mentors with their vast experience & knowledge & is always there for the aspirants to plan & strategize their academic career. The team is available for students for one on one session & guides them to prepare effectively for professional course.

Students Career Development Activities:

Students at RPLMC are benefitted with vast intellectual understanding on a range of corporate issue, social sensitivity training, corporate like dress code & 3D commitment-Discipline , Determination & Dedication.

Team Work & peer Evaluation:

Tutorials , self & peer assessment , discussions & community interactions drives the learning pathway.

Research & self Study:

Variety of inputs to enable students for self study and research to take independent decision based on their analysis.

Emphasize on Industry Relevance/ Overall Development

Regular Workshops, seminars, study tours, industry projects & internships are arranged like industry visits at Sanchi Industry, Flexi Tuff International, etc.

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About RPLM

About us

Rukmadevi pannalal laddha Maheshwari College which is today a leading name among the commerce and management colleges of Indore. We have brought a qualitative change in our education since last few years. We make students good citizens of the country.Our main concern is fostering the growth of the students with competence,conscience, character and commitment.We give work value to the student through education.Ths co-education college in Indore,provides education which can strengthen the opportunity though open to them by market.We develop students as good professionals with values .This College is recognized by M.P Govt. & Permanently Affiliated to Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore.The College is also recognized by U.G.C. under section 2(f) & 12(b) and preparing for NAAC inspection.

Our Misson & Vision

As an educators we have a vision for new generation to recognize their role in society as a self regulated and disciplined person. Our main concern is fostering the growth of the youth with competence, conscience, character and commitment. Our mission is to make students time bound and value based individuals. The institute has been setup several years back with a mission to motivate and provide quality education to all students. Our institution is a platform a facilitator of activities which would be value based. The dreams and vision of open eyes, the promises of today that will cherish to become the certainties of tomorrow our countries youth is full of vigor and vitality the only thing is to show them right path to reap global opportunities.

Please Send Resume at hrrplmaheshwaricollege@gmail.com


Career With Us

• At RPLMC, we are a team of all age groups and enthusiastic generation dedicated to make an impact on college, students, selection procedure in India. We are engrossed in making our team multidimensional If you are willing to join with us, you should expect fun spilling out of your pockets. Career Development can be defined as the assemblage of psychological, sociological, educational, physical, and economic factors that combine to influence the nature and significance of work in the total lifespan of an individual. Taking the right decisions at the right time contributes a great deal in creating an envious career. The Career Development Cell at RPL Maheshwari college works towards achieving this goal. Kindly mail your Resume hrrplmaheshwaricollege@gmail.com contact:964462111

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